Genius Maker Free Edition

Genius Maker Free Edition 4.0

Bundles together 34 educational applications
Learn math, physics, and chemistry with the help of various applications. Teach yourself about the periodic table, prime numbers, permutations, computations, the Doppler effect and more.

Genius Maker Free Edition in an educational tool that may be useful for both students and teachers. The program includes 34 tools regarding the areas of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, though only nine of these tools are available for free. The rest of the tools are just trial versions that you can use with certain functional and/or temporal limitations.

The program's main window acts as a main menu, providing you with shortcuts to all the tools included, which are grouped into three sections: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. All the free tools are clearly labeled with the word "Free", so that you can identify them very easily. The tools the program includes for free are Number System, Progressions, Matrix Algebra, Determinant, and Permutation/Combination under the Mathematics section; Unit Converter and Refraction of Rays under the Physics section, and Molecular Weight and pH Value under the Chemistry section.

Once you click on a shortcut, its corresponding tool will run on a separate window, where you can input all the required parameters and press one or more buttons to get the results, be they a single number, a numeric series, a matrix, or a graph. For example, the "Permutation & Combination" tool allows you to select the type of problem you want to solve (permutation or combination) and to input the 'n' and 'r' parameters, then it will show you the solution including the related formula and the process. All the tools' interfaces are very clear, intuitive and easy to use, but they require you to have some knowledge about their corresponding functions, of course.

Summing up, Genius Maker Free Edition is a powerful set of tools that may become a great support especially for High School teachers and students between the 9th and the 12th grade. You can use this app to prepare yourself thoroughly for tests such as SSLC/SSC, Engineering Entrance, and AIEEE/IIT. You can register the program for $49 to get full and unlimited access to all the tools included.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Lightweight
  • Very clear and intuitive interfaces
  • Can act as a powerful support for both teachers and students
  • Helpful for students of all levels


  • Most of the included tools are just trials, even though this is the free edition of the program
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